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#75013 - So here are the plans for today in history you'll be paring up in groups of five to be writing and acting out a play about the glorys and wonders of Greece. I then started asking them questions about saturday and they kept acting like they didn't know what i was talking about but i knew they did and then one stated that we had better get to work on our play we all decided that we would do a play on what marriages were like in those times and halfway through the bell rang it was 11:10 time for lunch i met up with the girlss still wanting to know what made them sneak in my bedroom and have breif sex teasing with me still denying until i spoke of the gym they stared at me laughing took my hand and rushed me to the gym, where kids spent detention during lunch wacthed by an inministrader, very luckuly no one had adrived yet so we snuk be hind some rolled up mats and pushed them as far as we could without anyone taking notice. i got out of bed immediately asking what the fuck

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