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#140954 - I couldn't tell you what hour it was, I couldn't tell you what day it was, The only thing I could honestly tell you is that the day this all began is every persons worst nightmare of a day, That day was the day I would leave my house for the final time, Only a few days before I had lost my parents in a tragic car accident, I would prefer not to go into details of the horrific accident so yeah lets just carry on with the story, As I was saying, Bad day for me, Leaving the house I had spent the past fifteen years of my life living in, Knowhere else to live, So yeah as you can guess by now the next part of my story involves me living on the streets, Okay I know that was a little spoiler but still let's just carry on shall we, I woke up, I got dressed, I took one last wonder around my house and then I left, I had knowhere to go, No money to get me anywhere either, Yeah on that day I automatically assumed my life was over, Anyways let's give you the quick version of the

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