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#58394 - I fucking love you! I couldn't respond as I was frozen in shock, all I could do is take a big gulp and swallow my nerves, I was trembling I didn't know what to do, all I could do is just stand there frozen pressed up against that wall in her apartment, Rebecca then started to lift up my shirt exposing my bellybutton, she then looked down then back into my eyes then down again, all I could do was stand there in shock as her next move was just to drop to a baseballs catchers position, now Rebecca's head was parallel to my hips and waist, Rebecca then started to unzip my pants with her teeth and slowly brushing her pretty face against the cup of my crotch then she stuck out her silky long tongue and began to brush her tongue in between my zipper hole in a teasing fashion, Rebecca was so sexy at that moment with all that eyeliner and makeup like Cleopatra the last active pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, Rebecca's face was simply sexually stunning as sh

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