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#284473 - They were in full colour but in foreign languages and he laughed at my quizzical look, saying the men did not buy them to read but to get excited looking at the pictures. He took time to show me how to masturbate his swollen tube of flesh, making sure I used long strokes so that his foreskin was fully stretched back to make the bell end swell and turn deep purple as the taught skin shone. I just held on to it and it did not go down any and when he asked me to take it in my mouth and suck on it, I hesitated and he came so close that the tip of it was against my lips and I just licked it like I would an ice lolly before taking the head into my mouth and clamping my lips round the rim but only leaving it there for a minute or so before releasing it as I told him I did not like having it there.

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