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#115910 - He drink started to take effect on the girls and they started flirting a little with me, then Jenny said, we should thank Dave for this, but how, Jody smiled and said “Why don’t we give him a lap dance” they all agreed this was a good idea, I changed seats and Jenny was first to give me a lap dance, she did a wonderful dance, gyrating her hips in front of me, swinging her hips too and fro, turning to face me she moved in real close and her tits were swinging about 6 inches from my face, after about ten minutes one of the others took over. The girls came back and Jenny was surprised at the spread I had laid out for them, they went and changed, each returning wearing T shirt and skirts of various lengths, the party got into swing and Jenny came and gave me a big hug thanking me for doing this for her, as she sat back she told Emily how lucky she was having a dad like me and wished hers was around, he had walked out her and her mother when she was 7. They all started clapping thei

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Toramaru utsunomiya
So hot perfect body and tits
Lucia nanami
I love your moans of pleasure when your man ejaculates in your body amazing