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#39939 - i undid his button ever so slowly as to tease the living hell out of him because i had already got him so worked up once i had his jeans undone ali made one last comment wait a minuet after saying that he stood up pulled his jeans off then his underwear reveling a 7 inch uncut beast i was really chubby and oozing pre-cum he walked towards me stood inches away from my mouth and grabbed the back of my head i opened my mouth and tried to take as much as i could into my mouth once i had all seven inches in i brought it straight back out, i started to play with the head with my tongue ali started to moan quietly but would say things like :ahhh yeah just like that keep going baby again i dived in taking all seven inches into my mouth ali grabbed the back off my head and started to fuck my face while softly moaning but everytime he would thrust and hit the back off my though his dick would throb and it made me grag after about three minuets of intense sucking ali pulled out and sat in the

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