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#59777 - As they got older we started to talk about more sexual things and about how we couldn't wait for the first time we would get to have sex. We finally decided it was time after an hour of foreplay and we flipped a coin to see who was going first, it landed on heads, Lucy was up, we decided to just go with missionary position because that was just something we knew, the girls had obviously planned this an I realized when she pulled out a box of condoms from her bag, I slipped one on and we began, she laid back and prepared for her first time, I slowly lowered my body to hers, I thought to try and be a bit more sexual I would make out with her whilst I lowered my self down, I started to kiss her as my cock hit her pubic area, I slowly lowered it down and massaged her clit with my dick, she liked this and smiled, ever so gently I eased my cock inside of her, she was so tight, I could barely fit and it felt awesome. They pushed me back on the couch and slowly pulled down my jeans,

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