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#287971 - As she walked down the Isle on her fathers arm, towards her new husband, I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself as she had a pussy full of my seed, if they hadn’t moved more than a hundred miles away I think we would have continued seeing each other. She thanked me, put the skirt back on and pulled the shorts off, dropping them in my hand she left, they were warm from her wearing them and for a few seconds the thought of her young pussy being contained in them flashed threw my mind, I was brought back to the now with my phone ringing, it was Felicity, “I’m going to be late tonight, we’ve got a staff meeting, I’ll grab something here if you can sort out something for you and the boy’s” “No problem, see you later” I got busy with the painting and had the windows finished for lunch, one coat any way, I had a bite to eat and set to work again, about half an hour passed, I was kneeling as I was cleaning my brush’s, when I heard my name called, looking up Louise was right there, astride h

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