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#210397 - Dayne always had seemed to be a very nice person, but now seeing how she was and how Naomi was following in her foot steps, he wondered if he hadn't made a gigantic mistake coming here!!! All right, young man, Miranda snapped, we want to see some sperm filling your eager mouth, so get on with it, suck David off!!! She was the devil incarnate, he thought to himself, but no matter how he tried, he couldn't help but love the sesation of having this big hard penis shoved deep inside of his mouth, and as his tongue caressed and licked at the smooth head, David Dayne's erection stiffened slightly, and then with a huge convulsion, ejaculated load after load of hot sperm deep down his virginal throat!!! Oh god, Naomi gasped, daddy's cumming in Peter's mouth, j-just look at them, mother, he's filling Peter's mouth with his hot sperm!!! For once Miranda Dayne was speechless as her pussy jerked and spasmed to a viciously satisfying orgasm while watc

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