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#362574 - Deke laughed at her and replied, Oh yeah, baby, you're real upset with me aren't you, so upset that you're puttin' my cock into your snatch all by your self!!! Barbara wasn't quite prepared for what happened next, because once the head of the 18 year old's prick barely entered her pussy, he lurched forward with a vicious thrust that almost made her pass out!!! It was a mixture of pain and pleasure blurred together that was taking her to sexual heights she had never reached before! Deke sensed that the slut teacher was in love his cock, so he jammed his male gristle even harder and faster into her molten love box until both of them were on the verge of blinding orgasms. Leaning forward just slightly was all it took, and Barbara slowly opened up and took the thick member gingerly into her warm mouth! My god,she thought, what am I doing, I could go to jail for this!!! Wanting desperately to pull away, Barbara still couldn't help herself and sucked

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