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#27361 - This is a secret I have kept to myself for years, about what my stepmother Teresa did one summer morning. Then I shook in excitement as Mum unbuttoned her blouse, unclipped her bra and popped her titties out to their view, and they cheered as she let the cool summer air on her bare breasts. Mum smiled at all the gang as she gyrated her pelvis around for him, to really get the most out of his climax! I could see his dick embedded in her ripe red slit, and his hairy shaft pulsating, going Doing! Doing! Doing! in Mum's pussy! He pumped all his hot invading sperm far up her cunt, and she caressed his sweating brow with affection as he growled and sponked up her twat! After this, Mum was ready for a little rest, but the others were impatient.

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