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#69228 - Just as i was about to get to the counter 3 armed men burst in and said nobody move, i stood scared out my life , my mates wife ran to stand beside me and grabbed my arm, one of the men said hey you two love birds get over there in the corner, the thought of being her being my love bird was quite arrousing , soon the bank was locked up and 2 men were behind the counter , but as it was early the manager had not opened the safe up, after what seemed a hour or so i could see the men talking , where i was sitting i could see out the window and now the police had arrived, to my surprise and kelly's one of the men said look we need your clothes to prove we have hostages , he told us to go in the store cupboard and strip to out underware , all i could think about was seeing Kelly's boob's, in the room i was taking my top off and waited to see if she was stripping , the look of terror on her face was enought to make me go give her a securing cuddle, as i did she wispered in my e

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