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#266586 - I screamed, and screamed as the sharp little teeth of the clamps bit tightly into the tender flesh of my nipples, followed by this black sadist pulling on them, as hard as he could to insure that they were indeed securely clamped! . It was in the early afternoon when I arrived at the club. And having all of the black hi school boys focus on only me heightened my sexual feelings to be half naked and in front of black men! I loved the attention something I had never gotten from the white boys at my other school? So if I wanted to date a boy it was only going to be a black one! So on one of my first dates it did not take long for some innocent petting and stinky fingers to escalate into sex as they, the boys and me the girl were more than ready to explore all of the wonders one can do in the back seat of a car at 1:00 in the morning, or out in the bushes of several lovers lanes! Once the first boy had me blow him it was not long until I had more asking for dates .

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