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#244609 - As with her urge to suck your penis, she also may feel the need to be filled with by it, so this is completely normal, and a considerate male will always fill her vagina if she needs it! Laying across her desk with her legs spread wide apart, Emma said, As you can see, my vagina is very wet and the lips are puffed open, a sure sign that her vagina needs to be filled. While Emma Jelkon sat in her office waiting for her next appointment to show up, she looked at her appointment calendar and underlined Timmy Floyd's name in red pencil! He was scheduled for a one period meeting because his teachers had recently contacted her about his lack of interest in his classes, and being a counselor for twenty six years, the last fifteen at Lincoln High, Emma had heard just about every story you could think of, so it shouldn't take long to find out what Timmy's problem was.

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