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#412342 - Plus I had to share a bathroom with my younger sister, so I usually had to settle for a quick one in my room before I got dressed. “I’m so sorry sweetie! I didn’t know! Dammit I should’ve knocked, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to embarrass you, oh my God, please forgive me, I was so stupid!” Well now my first reaction of anger turned to pity, I didn’t want her to feel bad, “it’s ok mom, I’m sorry I yelled like that, I’m not mad” “Really? I honestly didn’t know. This was surprising, even though I’d seen the tops of girls thongs at school, I had no idea that someone like my mother, who granted was only in her 30s, would be wearing something like that! As her sleep overs continued for several weeks, I noticed that she became closer to me, at night she would cuddle a little, And ask me to put my arm around her, in the “spooning position”.

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