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#147891 - God that feels so great he moaned out loud Ok class he has been flushed out of his body toxins take him down and then re hang him this time by his ankles on the meat hook then hoist his body up to bench height for the next procedure pleaseshe instructed. God Ben tasted so divine maybe I should eat him alive instead Garry thought as his flesh is so soft and tasty Ben was moaning with delight as Garry savored every inch of Ben's soft meaty flesh then Ben blurted out I'm cumming Garry, at that Garry's mouth gripped Ben's pulsating cock firmly in his mouth letting Ben's warm semen fill his mouth Garry's mouth was so full of sweet tasting cum from Ben's exploding coc khe began swallowing every last tasty mosil of the Bens semen God Ben your cum is so awesome and really sweet tasting Garry told him Thanks Garry now fuck me please he instructed Garry Garry's pulled Ben's butt cheeks apart then oiled the boy's anus hole before guiding his very erect cock gently yet firmly into Ben's t

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My hand is getting sore
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This hentai went from hot to the fuck is that noise at the end