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#315382 - In my dream the twin assaults on my erotic being by Ranulph and Rachel brought me to the brink of orgasm as I awoke, to find myself fingering my breasts and clitoris and riding wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure. The last couple of inches of a dressage whip is not woven leather like the rest but is a frayed end and I kissed it, knowing that by so doing I was accepting his intentions to do with it whatever he pleased. In these dreams I am somewhere I don’t consciously recognise; the places always seem atmospheric in some undefinable way, as though a hazy mist obscures the view and I am groping to understand where I am and what I can see; and I always feel rather than know for certain that I am not fully or properly dressed.

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That s great thanks
Yui kasuga
Hot as fuck i would want to try either side of the table