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#116107 - I could see him looking at me when he was on the phone and as soon as he hung up I thought he would be leaving , But he came around to where I was standing and said that who ever he was talking to was going to call him back aand could he wait a few min untill they called him back ? I told him he could , what else could I say ? He leaned over close ,he pushed my hair away from my ear, and whispered in my ear that I was the hottest thing he had saw in a long time, that he was hopeing he could talk to me alone like we were now. I had just turned 20 yr's old and my husband and I had only been married for about 9 months, I want to say that I do now and did then love my husband very much, It is now 12 years after this event happened and I am still married to the same man that I was then .

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Its your biology you are made to find a mate and until you do you feel miserable no matter what you tell yourself work on your health and job you will be fine dont worry friend
Yuuji endou
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