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#164417 - Summer Holidays This is a true story, it may not be the ultimate fantasy to some, but for me it was the moment of my sexual awakening… Many years ago when I was 12 I went to school with a lad who lived just down the road, I had known T for about 6 years, we had got to know each other in junior school and we both passed our eleven plus so ended up at the same school. I was always round his house or him round mine. I took the bottle off her and hesitantly squirted abit on my hand and started rubbing the middle of her back, her skin was hot and very soft, and within seconds I had the biggest boner I had ever had, as I rubbed the lotion in, she moaned slightly and said ‘Umm that’s nice, can you do the back of my legs as well’, I squirted some more lotion on her legs and started to rub that in, which was pretty difficult as my cock was now bursting out of my shorts and I was trying to hide it in case V looked up, the lotion had run down her thighs and I slowly rubbed the inside of

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