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#272980 - they cut off my cock and my balls and i was anally tortured for weeks then i was returned to earth naked with a vagina but as i rode my horse home naked i stopped and got underneath one last time and let it fuck me but it just stayed stilll so i had to guide its cock up my arse and slide myself up and dowm its lovley big long shaft all of a sudden 2 men walked by and caught me fucking myself on my horses cock they dragged me off its cock nearly puuling my insides out as they did it and one of them fucked my vagina as the other fucked my arse it felt so good having a real human cock up me but after theyd cum i was tied up and taken to thier home were i was kept naked in a cage and whenever they want they take me out and fuck my arse and my vagina im thier sex slave and i love it mmmmmmmmmmmmm just the thought of it having my cock and balls removed and being a sexually abused prisoner turns me on. i was riding my horse one day when a beam of light hit me in the face,

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