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#60010 - Foxx keeps me completely naked at all times in the apartment, sometimes the person on the other side of the door gets a big surprise when they see me standing there in the altogether, but more often than not they can't keep their eyes off my usually hard pecker!!! Just last week Mr. Foxx jerked his huge pecker we both unloaded our cum down each others hot throats!!! Very satisfying to be sure!!! Next, diary, however, was the thing that really got my gun off!!! Mr. Foxx’s mouth with a really big load of cum!!! Yummy!!! Wellllll, I’ve go work to do, this is Jamie signing off for another day!!! March 23 Dear Diary, I know that I’m only twenty years old and that Mr.

Read Brasil COMIC 0EX Vol. 22 2009-10 Pervs COMIC 0EX Vol. 22 2009-10

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