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#175298 - I stood rooted to the spot as she turned to me and said ‘I thought you were asleep this morning obviously by this mess you weren’t’ I stammered ‘Sorry’, but she laughed and said ‘I bet you got a real eyeful, better than all those dirty books you lot read, don’t worry I know that lads growing up need to do certain things, but next time don’t make quite so much mess’ , and with that she left the tent to hang the bag up to dry. Luckily she then took some bags out to the bins and I had time to jump up grab my shorts on and a towel and slip off to the showers. After a long shower I returned to the tent, as I entered V was holding my sleeping bag up over the sink washing off the fresh spunk, she had been tidying up the tent and as folding up the bags discovered my little deposit.

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Chihiro komiya
Such a beauty wow
Kyouko takizawa
After all that pleasure i just want one single hug