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#100288 - i tried to write this from a first person point of view im not the greatest writer around so i apologize in advance for the horrible punctuation and grammer this is a true story i just wanted to share this as a way of breaking into writing we were getting pretty bored sittin at your house so we decided to go for a drive it was pretty late so we didnt care who was around when we smoked up that sweet sensimilla after a half hour or so i caught you rubbing yourself a little must of been a little something extra in that i said without hesitation you just looked at me with those sexy eyes of yours before you even opened your mouth i knew where this was going just by that look just as fast as you took your hand out of your pants they were down mine and without a seconds hesitation i was already rock hard you gave me a good squeeze and jus looked me right in the eye i wanted you inside me that was all you said that was all that needed to be said we stopped at a nearby lake and parked

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Saito hiraga
She sai mia lei to me
Next hentai want to see her leg up bro
Archangel gabriel
Oh my god this is fantastic how much sperm mmmm
She sexy