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#392864 - Now the problem was i only liked going to girls that were in my year, cause i was to cool to hang out with younger girls(retard) well anyway Eric wanted to take a picture of Bethany's tits, and i knew bethany for a few years she was afreshman and a cheerleader,but she also lived afew houses down from me , so we got her to take her top off and we got a few pics of her, i was surprised how developed she was, a nice 34c, later when we were done Eric was going crazy cause he always thoought she as a prude. Now my family is stingy and when we have power we dont like getting rid of it, so every member of the family has had the keys at some time or another, which leaves it to ME. when the film was all used up we had some very hardcore sex for the next hour or so.

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