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#304115 - One Friday evening Penny and I walked rounds to the Woodcutter arms our local pub, we plopped ourselves down at a table in the lounge, and there sat Bob, that normal big smile on his face, introductions were made and drinks bought. He promised never to tell and given who he married I guess he kept our little secret…. The best thing I remember we taught her to talk dirty, fuck, cock, cunt and blow job slipped easily from her lips, but even better was one evening, two cocks in front of her face shooting ropes of cum into her eager mouth and across her face her chasing the spunk with her tongue we both loved it, I loved watching and Penny loved being two men s private slut.

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She is so hot
Rebecca hawkins
You are so beautiful i like you
I know a girl with a tattoo like that i think her name is shannon andrea crow
Fuyuki hinata
Damn this girl is hot she was enjoying the moment very much i loved watching her plus listening to her moans of desire ty for sharing her