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#258703 - “I don’t know as yet as to where we are going, we’ll be going down to see the travel agent on Saturday!” “I’d like to come with you if that’s alright!” Hanna said with a pleading tone. She knew that they were right for each other, and there was no way another woman was going to sample his manhood, from time to time she was ravenous for his cock; the trouble was she was so noisy during their lovemaking, she’d only had sex with him once at home; that was because her parent’s and sister were out. Her father had a great admiration for David, thinking that his daughter had chosen well, the thought of her going on holiday with him didn’t disturb him whatsoever.

Read Gostosa Master ni Haetemite Itadakimashita - Fate grand order Master ni Haetemite Itadakimashita

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