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#172788 - That was all I could stand, my balls intent on release shot cum up to my face and hair, I shook as the feeling subsided, Lyn asking was it good, my groans let her know it was, once I settled down we spoke more, Lyn told me tomorrow she was going out for lunch, and if it worked out, home for more fun, as the guys told her to be home by 6 pm, she then told me Tony was coming back to with Jack, my reply was I might just have to drop in tomorrow night myself, she laughed and told me I had better arrange more guys to bring with me, if I did, looks like tomorrow will be a busy day for us. I sucked his cock dry, surprised at how quick he regained hardness, I was in heaven, my ass took over as more orgasm rang out, big cock happy to keep pounding my ass, and wanking my cock, my mouth went to work once more. It felt great as his cock slipped straight in balls deep first push, it wasn’t huge but it filled my ass nicely, his pace picked up as another guy entered the room, his cock found

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Koromo amae
Thanks for sharing this one with us love her smile
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Thank you daddy
But plug makes this even better
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So hot loved it
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