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#124384 - We lived in the same neighborhood, one block apart. I laughed, and everyone looked puzzled at me including Lynn, but she had a scowl on her face! She knew what I had on my mind to answer! I gathered my thoughts and nerve because my wife would go ballistic at what I was going to say! At this point, with the alcohol in me giving me courage, I just let it all hang out! “Lynn would never fuck a black guy because she doesn’t even fuck me! We’ve been married a little over ten years and she stopped letting me fuck her over six years ago! She wears a long night gown and panties to bed every night! I can honestly say I haven’t seen my wife naked in over eight or nine years! In order to fuck her, I’d first have to beat the crap out of her and then it’s simply not worth the trouble!” I looked at her as I said it! She was livid! At this point in time, I didn’t give a hoot! Lynn would go on company trips often and I didn’t know if she was cheating on me or not. He liked to brag and everyone

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