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#250157 - !!! She pulled up her dress a little farther above her hips while spreading her legs even wider in an open invitation to his mouth, and while he wasn't crazy about the idea, her shaved vulva looked incredibly alluring and after all, he did need that A!!! Upon contact, she let out a long sigh and put her hands on the back of his head and gently caressed him, while at the same time grinding her smooth lips into face!!! Oh my, you have a very nice mouth, she moaned, I'll bet your girl friend just loves having you eat her pussy!!! He felt a little guilty when he heard he mention his girl friend, he hadn't even given Kara a second thought, but even though he was doing this for altruistic reasons, he was indeed enjoying the taste of her pussy immensely!!! Maybe it was the smoothness of her cunt that did it, because he was so used to Kara's hairy pussy, this change of pace was very erotic!!! On the other hand, there was also the fact that she had seduced him, no, sh

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I want to lick also your pussy love it bb
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