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#362655 - Mr Steel then gets down to business as my wife first feels alcohol on her buttock and then feels the outline of what she thinks are the words, “black cock whore” first being traced and then the ink applied followed by the soft hum of the electric needle as it outlines each letter. He Goes on to ask did he want her pierced ? CJ says no and Mr Steel says are you sure,? As this would be the perfect time and I will throw it in along with the tattoo, registration and certification as an extra at no charge? CJ says he wouldn't mind seeing several small sharp needles poked through her nipples and especially her clit just to see if she would be a good candidate! But again declines to have her actually pierced, much to my wife's relief . My wife is now holding her breath hesitating slightly with the confident smile of a gamblers sure thing, finally deciding between two cards pulling out and slowly turning over a ….

Read Lima Kono-ko ga,Kou!! - Original Kink Kono-ko ga,Kou!!

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Yakumo fujii
She is very beautiful and cute
Aoi yukimura
Omg she make me soo horny