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#18733 - Her hands clasped onto my head, pushing me flush against her groin as my tongue ran over her lips, teased over her clit and dug into her juicy depths, her smell overpowering my senses along with her load moans. Only problem was that Martha had promised me unimaginable pain if I went over to the fire, so I sat there, feeling kind of out of my depth as the women chattered around me. No words came out, but her moans was loud, somebody could stand at the front door and hear her, there was no mistaking that she was enjoying herself a lot, I sucked and nibbled on her nipples, slobbering and licking all over her breasts, what seemed to turn her on even more as she shuddered through another orgasm, her pussy trying to clamp down on my fingers, for added measure I rubbed her clit with my thumb, her body continued to shudder uncontrollably, her breathing ragged and fast.

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