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#288063 - And I asked her out after school the following friday to the local cafe and restaurant, we got pizza and I got her to talk to me more, it turned out she lives with her aunt and she likes the same music as me, then suddenly she asked me if I thought she was hot, I replied that yeah I did, and she replied look, I like you as a friend but other than that your really not my type sure it pissed me off but I laughed and said okay then what is your type? and she pointed to a pretty girl in the corner of the room, that is my type and mumbled sorry, it shocked me and I didn't say anything for a while until we got back in my car wow, you like girls? she looked away as she replied yeah and I dropped her off and said goodnight but left still in shock. --------------------------------- I found her to be in all of my classes, and I befriended her, talking to her about nasty teachers and good teachers, and what not to do or say, she would laugh but barley talk to me, all that

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