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#142187 - I wanted to last a while so took my cock from his eager mouth and told him to lay back on the bed and as he did I knelt down beside the bed lent over and took his cock into my mouth, Oh Fuck dad he said that's better than anything I have ever dreamed off I can tell you, I took his whole length as he had done mine and I started to give him the best blow job he had ever had, I cupped his balls into my hand and played with them , James was now breathing very hard and saying yes yes yes dad that's wonderful Oooooo yes then he said sorry dad I can not hold back much longer. I am 57 of medium build I am married but have had some male sexual experiences to so I guess you call me a Bi-sexual my wife dose not know anything about my gay side and I always hope to keep it that way. Dad,Dad he said I sorry you should not have seen me doing that I am sorry Dad, Son I said don't worry I have done it myself many times, what you he said but but, look I said I am bi-sexual but for Chr

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