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#231279 - There wasn’t a lot to do at Tina and Rick’s now apart from empty rooms with Rick’s father Neal ready for the carpet fitters or hang pictures, l was in the top room and saw Sasha in her garden so flashed my cock at her from the window for a laugh not realising Rick’s mother Dora was in the doorway, l pointed at my cock and then at Dora, she didn’t say a word and walked off, after that when no one was looking l would wink at her and she would turn bright red, l didn’t think anything of it till a few days later. I was expecting Karen to be on the doorstep but she wasn’t there, l emptied the van and asked Sasha where did she want to go, l got a surprise when she asked if l still had her old clothes she kept in the van, l got them from under the bed and Sasha picked out a low top, short skirt and didn’t put on any knickers and asked if l would take her to the country picnic park then remarked that we didn’t need Karen to have fun.

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